Who Is Francesco Garri Garripoli?

Francesco Garri GarripoliWuji Productions, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Francesco Garri Garripoli, respected Qigong instructor, author, wellness advocate, Emmy Award winning television graphics designer and program Producer-Director. Francesco produced educational television programs for PBS-TV for 18 years and has created and is featured on a series of award-winning Qigong DVDs with his business partner, Daisy Lee .

Francesco’s interest in complementary medicine goes back to the mid-1970s when he left university as a premed student under full scholarship and went to study in Hawaii with a renowned 81 year-old doctor trained in integrative Eastern healing and known for his extraordinary medical results.

Francesco Garripoli lived in China for years during an intensive study of martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities, including acupuncture and Qigong. While there he produced and directed the one-hour documentary titled “Qigong – Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century,” which airs nationwide across the PBS Television network. It is available as a home video release.

The past Chairman of the National Qigong Association (NQA) for two terms, and current President of the non-profit Qigong Institute, Francesco does what he can to volunteer for important causes such as his position on the East Kaua`i Drug Prevention Education Team helping needy youth and families in Hawaii.

Francesco (under his pen name Garri) is the author of two books, “Tao of the Ride” and “Qigong – Essence of the Healing Dance”, both published by HCI Publishing (the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” people.)

Francesco is regularly on the road around the world teaching workshops on Qigong, personal empowerment and stress management.

Francesco Garri Garripoli and Daisy Lee perform in a series of Qigong instructional DVDs shot in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. He lectures and teaches extensively on the subject of Qigong, focusing on its complementary benefits to Western Medicine.

Francesco and Daisy created a non-profit educational organization focusing on family and youth services and community empowerment programs, with an energy-healing workshop facility and retreat centre on the garden isle of Kauai, Hawaii called Kahuna Valley where masters from around the world assist them in teaching a wide range of self-healthcare modalities. Visit kahunavalley.org to learn more.

His current projects include a revolutionary new data tracking and analysis software system called Mentor Ohana with various clone applications including the QigongTracker and EnergyArtsGlobal.

Francesco can be contacted by clicking here.


  1. Would like to know were Daisy and Franceso are.
    I am back after 4 years in Cleveland, OH ( 2 years in Washington DC, 2 years in Mexico City)…..would love to hear from you…..

    Thank you and much Peace!

    • Aloha Susana! Hola amiga… I trust your amazing Qigong-inspired dance performances are continuing! Thank you for reaching out and connecting. Daisy and I wish you much love and peace… Francesco

  2. i have been using qigong for stress relief for almost three weeks now, having been plagued by stress almost all of my life , i am now 57, i can honestly say i have never felt so at peace . i find myself at times almost suffused by a wonderfull feeling of calmness and well being. i am very gratefull to have found daisy lee and their dvd. god bless.

    • Dear Margaret,


      Thank you for sharing your reentry into inner peace… I am happy that our DVD has helped to inspire you to find that place within you… May your journey to personal empowerment and truth continue… with a smile! Peace… Francesco

  3. I am a caregiver for a young women post brain hemorrhage. She has full brain thinking and memory but has temporary paralized left side. Do you have any idea on how to help her with a Qigong program. Would I do the movements for her or is there a way to modify something to add to her other therapys.
    Thank you so much for any imput you may have. You can access her story on Facebook, Melodea Musser.

    • Aloha Rhonda!

      Thanks for being patient with my reply to your post… I don’t get to this site as often as I should…

      It is wonderful that you working with Melodea and are interested in how Qigong can help. You should check with http://www.QigongInstitute.org and see if there is anything there in our Qigong Database Online.

      I have worked with many people with many brain-related challenges and am continually amazed at our human ability to rewire our brains and nervous system. Research shows that nearly anything is possible when people commit focus and consistent practice to rebuilding their bodies, mind and spirit. Of course always check with a healthcare professional first, but I found that our Organ Cleansing Qigong is a powerful practice for helping people heal. There is a move called “Nervous System/Gall Bladder Balancing & Harmonizing” in this practice that is very effective.

      The key for Melodea is to work with her inner visualization (Yi) and “see” her body and brain in perfect form and function. This is key. When I was in a hospital bed for months in a full body caste and told I’d never walk again, it was what my Master teacher reminded me to do… and it was that inner “nei gong” work that really got me back to 110%…

      Keep the faith! I will keep Melodea in my prayers and healing Qi field.

      Peace… Francesco

  4. Kyle Cook says:

    Greetings and Ni hao,
    I have been studying Martial Arts seriously for almost three years now. To supplement and enhance my martial training I started reading books on Qi and Qigong by the renowned Dr. Yang and I have been practicing Taijiquan. I found your DVD at a local library, Beginning Qigong practice with the enclosed documentary as well. At first, never having heard of you or Wuji Style Qigong I was a bit skeptical even though I had already come to accept that Qi does in fact exist. After I finished your exercises for the first time, I had come to sense my Qi greater than ever before. It was a great feeling! My marital arts instructor is suberb at the external syles (Kung Fu and Kempo) but we rarely practice Taiji in our classes, and his level with the internal practices feels limited. I had wanted to purchase DVD’s from Dr. Yang but hadn’t had the money. So that was why I was excited when I found your DVD. Even after only a handful of times of practicing the Wuji Form it has already given me insight to the application of Qi in my hard style martial arts forms. I want to continue my development with Qigong so that I may promote a long and healthy life and I feel that the Wuji Style Qigong will now play a big part in that. It would be great to attend one of your classes some day. Let me know if your ever near Vermont! And thanks for helping me obtain a better insight with Qigong, both internally as well as the documentary involving China. Thanks Again!


    • Aloha Kyle! Thank you for your kind note and for sharing your experience. That is wonderful! We hear positive missives from people all over the world on a regular basis and it is those who practice Qigong regularly that get the most benefits… so keep it up! We keep our teaching schedule current on the Calendar page at http://www.KahunaValley.org …and be sure to sign up for our free newsletter to find out when we will be teaching near you. Wishing you well in your practice… Peace… Francesco

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