Who Is Daisy Lee?

Daisy Lee at Red RocksDaisy, a respected Qigong instructor and wellness consultant with her Radiant Lotus Qigong, has a long career as a noted filmmaker and television Producer-Director. Her documentary programs have aired on Vision TV, CBC TV, Women’s Television Network, and at film festivals around the world. She focuses on stories that depict the human condition, with a particular emphasis on cultural diversity and integrative healing modalities that bring together the best of western and eastern health practices.

She has received grants for screenwriting dramatic and comedic films. As president of the non-profit, Kahuna Valley, Daisy creates programs for children and youth in the community, helping to support their mental, emotional and physical health. She also teaches adult Qigong classes on Kaua’i and the neighboring Hawaiian islands, the mainland US, and around the world, as well as taking students to study Qigong in China on their annual 2-week study trip.

Qigong for Healing by Daisy and FrancescoDaisy is a longtime practitioner of Kung Fu and Qigong and performs in the Wuji Qigong home video instructional series with Francesco Garri Garripoli. She is also the script editor for the documentary “Qigong – Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century” airing on the PBS network


Daisy can be contacted by clicking here.


  1. Daisy and Francesco continue to inspire and educate, I hope to be their biggest fan.
    Keep up the great work, friends.

    • Thank you Roy! May we all do what we can to inspire others to embrace their potential! Peace… Francesco

  2. Rick Julius says:

    To All Fellow Qigong Masters and Practitioners:

    In about a week I am putting on my first free demonstration of Qigong to basically a medical group in my hometown of Pennsylvania.

    One important part of the flyer I would love to hand out is actual cases whereby individuals can say Qigong is the reason for there health improvement. Would love to have some real case studies done by actual professional groups. If there is any published articles out there please refer too them so I could have them mentioned.

    Fraternally yours,

    Rick L. Julius, (Taiji & Qigong of York)

    • Dear Rick,

      Aloha! Thank you for being patient with my reply… it’s not easy for me to access this site so I don’t get to handle my replies as often as I should.

      I suggest you visit http://www.QigongInstitute.org as there is a wealth of information there on Qigong.

      I wish you all the best in your good work to help inspire others to the empowerment aspects of Qigong.

      Peace… Francesco

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