What Is Wuji?

wujiOne of my favorite words in the Chinese language…it is comprised of two characters, “wu” and “ji.”

“Wu” can mean “nothingness” or “non-beingness.”

“Ji” can mean “end” or “ultimate.”

Wuji is that singularity of the universe, the oneness (and therefore “nothingness”) from which all “things” in creation emerge.  My teacher Master Duan Zhi Liang, the 93-year old Qigong/Kung Fu master living in Beijing, describes it as that place, that moment between formlessness (non-beingness) and form…he sees it as the moment God breathed live into the void. He likes to think of this as the first Qigong. It is not a past event, but a continuous moment. It is that point of creation, when we experience a revelation…it is in that instant that something comes into being from the realm of ideas…it goes the other direction too…when form dissolves into essence…when we move from the awareness of ourselves as a separate “ego” and enter the oneness of Universal awareness…

Chinese philosophy understands that all things begin as Wuji…then move to Tai Chi (Yin/Yang elements or atoms)…then move to Bagua (physical form/objects). The One becomes the Two, the Two becomes the many…




  1. Thank you Francesco. Thank you Daisy.

    I took both Qigong for Beginners your Stress Management DVDs out of the library 2 weeks ago. Threes days ago my best friend was dianosised with calcifications and a “supicuous area” on one of her brests. I came to her house this morning with both DVDs. We watched the interview on the Qigong forBeginners DVD together. Just watching seemed to calm her. I left her with your stress managment Qigong DVD. Tomorrow is her biopy. I hope that she is opened to doing Qigong with me before her biopy.

    Is there research that I can read (or listen to ) about Qigong and osteoporsis? My goal is to do Qigong and Yoga instead of wieght lifting. I have a runner’s body and spirit, not a weight lifting body or spirit. I am 50 years old and physically active.

    Thank you again,
    Elizabeth Hand .

    • Aloha Elizabeth!

      Thank you for your inquiry about your friend… It is always interesting to me how what I research one week can help family or friends the next :)) I’m happy that you’ve been exploring our Qigong DVDs. Qigong is an amazing empowerment tool and besides the countless stories of individuals taking personal responsibility for their health and surprising physicians around the world, there is also much research in the area. I suggest you go to our non-profit http://www.QigongInstitute.org. I am Chairman and our President is Tom Rogers, who has increased our online research database tremendously over the years. You may also want to explore http://www.DoctorSaputo.com which also has an amazing library of media material from forward-thinking physicians. I always suggest you talk with an open-minded physician to get a clear perspective on your health. I wish you all the best!… listen to you body and use these powerful and ancient tools wisely.

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