Wuji Qigong Exercise with Francesco & Daisy

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What Is Wuji?

One of my favorite words in the Chinese language…it is comprised of two characters, “wu” and “ji.” “Wu” can mean “nothingness” or “non-beingness.” “Ji” can mean “end” or “ultimate.” Wuji is that singularity of the universe, the oneness (and therefore “nothingness”) from which all “things” in creation emerge.  My teacher Master Duan Zhi Liang, the 93-year […]

Qigong – Essence Of The Healing Dance

By Francesco Garri Garripoli Click here for the book order page. Qigong (Chi Kung) (pronounced ‘chee gung’) is the ancient Chinese healthcare modality that has fascinated people throughout the millennia. The system that lies at the core of the Martial Arts and spawned the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong is a system that teaches us […]