Qigong For Energy vs Healing DVDs

The two classic Qigong VHS tapes are actually quite different in scope and this helps to answer the question about “What is the difference between them?”  Both are now ONLY available on the two-DVD Set called “Beginning Practice Qigong” The Qigong for Energy tape is a collection of five stand-alone Qigong forms that are considered to be […]

Qigong: Beginning Practice DVD Set

A Unique, two-DVD set that combines the best of “Qigong for Healing”, “Qigong for Energy”, and our Public Television documentary Created by Francesco Garri Garripoli Click here for the DVD order page “I just received your DVD’s … watched them and practised as well. What a wonderful job you did! The historical background was fascinating […]

Qigong For Energy

A Century-Old System For Renewed Vigor & Healthful Living Directed by Michael Badertscher with Francesco Garri Garripoli & Daisy Lee Click here for the videotape order page. For 5,000 years, Chinese sages have intuitively known that to be truly healthy we must exercise. They realized that we are more than just a physical body, so their “exercise” took the whole […]

Qigong and the Dreamtime – Part 1

The following is Part 1 of a talk by Francesco Garripoli at the National Qigong Association – NQA Conference 2009 in Asilomar, California, recorded and transcribed by Solala Towler, Editor, Empty Vessel Magazine Francesco began by telling us a little about his recent journey to the Australian outback, where he spent time with the local […]

QigongTracker – A Revolution in Qigong Training

Are you interested in helping to bring the benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi to more people who can become empowered from this ancient healing modality? If you are an instructor and want to build and develop your student base… or if you are a dedicated student who wants to take your practice to the […]

What is Wuji Qigong?

Wuji Hundun Qigong, is a 1,200-year-old health maintenance system from China handed down by 95 year-old Master Duan Zhi Liang of Beijing, China. Drawing on Taoism, Buddhism, the Wuji form conforms to the basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which in fact sprung from Qigong concepts that go back 5,000 years. Like all Qigong […]