Qigong For Energy

A Century-Old System For Renewed Vigor & Healthful Living

Directed by Michael Badertscher with Francesco Garri Garripoli & Daisy Lee

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Qigong for Energy by Daisy and Francesco
For 5,000 years, Chinese sages have intuitively known that to be truly healthy we must exercise. They realized that we are more than just a physical body, so their “exercise” took the whole person into account. They call this practice Qigong, (pronounced chee gung ) a system of slow movements, similar to Tai Chi and Yoga, combined with deep breathing and a clarity of spirit. A type of meditation with movement, Qigong allows our natural healing abilities to work efficiently, boosting our energy level, reducing stress, and bringing our body, mind and spirit into balance. Featuring Francesco Garri Garripoli, author of Qigong: Essence of the Healing Dance, and his wife, Daisy Lee Garripoli. Together they share four Qigong forms designed for short workout sessions–especially when time is at a premium. They are also ideal for beginners or seniors. This tape also includes a full set of Shaolin Self-Massage Qigong techniques–designed to balance Qi throughout the body.

Francesco and Daisy specialize in the Wuji style of Qigong, a practice that combines both fitness and mental focusing and calming aspects of this ancient health maintenance exercise. Their down-to-earth and practical approach makes this tape a joy to watch and learn from.

This program, photographed at a beautiful lake near the foot of Mt. Baldy, 10,000 ft. up in the Colorado Rockies, will introduce you to the fundamentals of this simple system for healing yourself and others. It will help you build your vital energy, reduce stress and bring clarity and focus to all of your daily activities. Thousands of clinical reports have shown that Qigong has contributed to the recovery of illnesses ranging form arthritis to cancer. You will gain a working knowledge of Qigong’s effectiveness through this visually stunning, practical instruction, giving you tools that you will be able to use every day.

“I finally got your tapes and they are so wonderful! The Qigong is so beautifully and clearly presented–the best tapes that I’ve ever seen. I’m so sad that I didn’t get them earlier because I would have bought more for holiday gifts! Thank you.”
— K.O., MD, Hawaii

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* What is the difference between the “Qigong for Energy” and “Qigong for Healing” videotapes?


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