Qigong For Beginners – DVD Set

A Unique, Two-DVD Set That Combines The Best Of “Qigong For Healing”, “Qigong For Energy”, And Our Public Television Documentary

Created by Francesco Garri Garripoli

Qigong for Beginners DVD by Daisy and Francesco
“I just received your DVD’s … watched them and practised as well. What a wonderful job you did! The historical background was fascinating and the interviews added a more personal touch to the learning process. I particularly appreciate being able to watch Daisy as she performs the exercises with a feminine perspective. I am really enjoying learning more about Qigong and will be working towards incorporating this routine into my daily workout schedule. With best regards and thanks.” M.M., Half Moon Bay, CA

For 5,000 years, Chinese sages have intuitively known that to be truly healthy we must exercise. They realized that we are more than just a physical body, so their “exercise” took the whole person into account. They call this practice Qigong, (pronounced chee gung ) a system of slow movements, similar to Tai Chi and Yoga, combined with deep breathing and a clarity of spirit. A type of meditation with movement, Qigong allows our natural healing abilities to work efficiently, boosting our energy level, reducing stress, and bringing our body, mind and spirit into balance.

This award-winning, two-DVD set is the ideal training tool to continue your interest in Qigong. The first DVD in the set features the complete, one-hour Public Television documentary called “Qigong – Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century” written, produced and directed by Francesco Garri Garripoli. This disc also contains never before seen interviews with Francesco sharing insight into this acclaimed documentary. Video Awards

The second DVD features the Qigong exercises from both the “Qigong for Healing” and “Qigong for Energy” videos available on VHS tape. (click on the blue links to learn more about the content of these videos.) These exercises taught by Francesco Garri Garripoli and Daisy Lee offer a powerful collection of healing tools designed to bring your body, mind, and spirit into balance and provide you with practical and easy-to-learn exercises you can begin to use immediately. This disc also contains never before seen interviews with Francesco that students have found to be helpful and insightful.

All this material was shot on state-of-the-art, professional, broadcast quality digital video with digital stereo audio. This DVD set is the first time viewers will be able to truly enjoy the exquisite quality of these productions.

All proceeds from the sale of these DVDs as well as our other products go to the non-profit Kahuna Valley organization to support our various educational programs for children focusing on health and empowerment.

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“I recently found your video in a bookstore and I love it! I have a 61″ TV and when I am standing in front of it I feel like I am right there with you both in the beautiful surroundings. This is the perfect healing modality for me, since my body is not always up to par. It is something I can do!! I love it. I am getting quite good at it. I always feel good the whole day after practicing your tape.” S.G., New York


  1. John Bennett MD says:


    I bought your Guaim Qi Gong Tai Chi discs 5 weeks ago, and have been amazed by the changes in my health which I ascribe to this; notably, I believe the Qui Gong! I am an 80 yr. old Physician, formerly a teacher and Senior Physiotherapist in a Rehabilitation Hospital in Oxford U.K. In my younger days was an athlete, Springboard diver etc. Fractures Thoracic vertebrae 1st through 3rd lumbar, S1. Suffered terribly with Spinal Stenosis, bilateral neuropathy, feet and lower legs; brachial neuralgia etc.
    Was intent on purchase of walk in bath and stair lift in my two homes. Free from Pain. Want to take Instructor course. Please advise!. Progress continues! John

    • Aloha Dr. Bennett!

      Thank you for being patient with our reply… we’ve just returned from months of traveling around the world teaching Qigong workshops. I am so happy to hear of your excellent progress after working with our Qigong DVDs. You are 80-years-young… and with your powerful and heartfelt spirit, EVERYTHING is possible. I have friends who are in their 80s all around the world showing what is possible when we take responsibility for our health using these empowering principles of Qigong… in ancient times it was the seniors who inspired the young people to take up these practices anyway! I have a dear friend who is a physician in his 70s and his appreciation of Qigong principles shows what is possible when we can combine the best of East and West. You can learn more about him at http://www.DoctorSaputo.com Yes, we do have an Instructor Certification Program that may be something you would enjoy. You can learn more here on our website at: http://www.wujiproductions.com/instructor-certification-program/ I wish you much joy and wellness… keep inspiring others as you do!! Peace… Francesco

  2. John Yockey says:

    I am interested in learning for my own knowledge as a short term goal. I would also like to learn well enough to pass things on to my own students. I teach physical education in a school system, as well as teach Modern Arnis and Kenpo Karate. Could you please point me in the right direction for these goals? Thank you! John Yockey

    • Aloha John!

      Thank you for being patient with our reply… we’ve been traveling and teaching around the world these past few months… I can feel your sincerity and think it is fantastic that you are interested in sharing the principles of Qigong to your phys-ed students. From living in China, I saw how natural it was for schools to incorporate these practices… typically under the name of Tai Chi… but essentially is was Qigong. How great if young students could start early and learn the powerful preventative nature of this practice. It is simple and short, easy to learn forms can be very effective. I enjoy teaching teens and watching their positive response. I suggest you look at our “Beginning Practice 2-DVD Set”… the documentary in that package has a 7-minute intro that is very captivating and can even get young students interested! We also have an Instructor Certification Program that you may be interested in… info is here on our site. I wish you all the best! Peace… Francesco

  3. Zachary Azeez says:

    If you make this available through iTunes it will be easier to buy.

  4. HI
    I had your video on the Wuji Qigong the complese set of exercises along with the Chinese naming of each and it broke..is that still available. I loved that routine and cannot seem to locate it
    thank you
    carol Petrucci
    Qigong instructor and Reiki Master Teach

    • Aloha Carol!

      Thank you for your inquiry about our “Qigong for Beginners” 2-DVD set. It’s much more thank just a “beginners” tool, and many advanced users have be referencing it for over a decade now! Sorry yours broke… You are not the only one who has ordered a second copy due to overuse! You can go to http://www.kahunavalley.org/dvd.htm and order there… we are most grateful for your support of our non-profit Kahuna Valley organization as sales through there support our various youth and family programs.

      I wish you all the best in your Qigong and Reiki practice… Mahalo!

      Peace… Francesco

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