Qigong and the Dreamtime – Part 2

outback-fire-sunrise-by-francesco-garri-garripoliThe following is Part 2 of a talk by Francesco Garripoli at the National Qigong Association – NQA Conference 2009 in Asilomar, California, recorded and transcribed by Solala Towler, Editor, Empty Vessel Magazine

If you believe there is more Qi in your belly (Dan Tian) than in your ear, well you are thinking with a scarcity-oriented perspective. If you believe that a tree has more Qi than that floor you’re sitting on, you are thinking in scarcity mode. It’s so easy for us to be trapped in duality, the duality of time or space.

I go to do my Qigong work near a tree because I honor its infinite nature, I honor my infinite nature and when I go to that tree and work with that tree’s Qi it’s a resonant field to honor our infinite nature.  There should always be an intention of equal giving and receiving, a sense of infinite flowing in all directions.

Question from audience:  “When someone is feeling ill and significantly weakened then how does that resonate with what you are saying about Qi?”

Ok, does that person have less Qi because they’re not feeling well? That would be a terrible thing. They are part of the same resonate energy field as you. Has anyone been able to measure Qi yet? It’s impossible to measure. Has anyone been able to show a photograph of a tachyon? You know what a tachyon is? They are the only objects that we know of that theoretically can move faster than the speed of light. But they seem to fit the quantum physics equations and so we pretty much know that they exist. You can’t see tachyons and you can’t see Qi. But they both most probably exist.

The physicists are basically saying that what Einstein knew intuitively, because he didn’t have the complete equations back then. But he said that in a cubic centimeter that there is so much energy that you could run a city with its power. He didn’t want to talk about the infinite nature of this energy because that didn’t’ work for him (infinity is a tricky issue with mathematicians) but now they are realizing that you can come very close to infinite when describing energy. The fact is, Qi exists equally everywhere. What our work in Qigong is about is bringing these dimensions together in a practical way.

The physicists talk about dimensions all the time and when they use the word “dimension” they frequently interchange it with the phrase “field of expression” or “freedom of expression.” Dimension simple means an additional level of “freedom of expression” for matter. Quantum physicists say that energy may exist on eleven different dimensions. There are degrees of freedom that certain things can move in, including everything in your atomic field, that comes in and out of these dimensions each and every second. Qi is one of them. Qi is no different. Soon we will understand that Qi is just part of the energy field. But right now we think of it as something unique and it’s important to think of it that way for where we now are in our evolution. Our minds need a handle. This woman in the question just posed who is not feeling so well is having a challenge as to what is natural in her body to bring Qi in and out of those dimensions into this particular dimension we refer to as “normal”. Our work with Qigong, when we talk about Qi flow, its pulling Qi out of those dimensions. When Qi comes in and reflects on this level, this dimension and goes back, things change on this level. Its being mirrored in quantum physics discoveries now in a most beautiful way. It’s time for us to just trust in the poetry of it all.

When you’re doing your Qigong work, you’re doing your breathing— you’re doing your intentional practice. You’re moving and you’re drawing Qi in, you’re dancing with Qi. At the atomic level, particles are disappearing and reappearing thousand and millions of times a second. Did you know that? Every second parts of your atomic structure are moving in and out and they are disappearing, and then reappearing.

But what is also coming in and out is Qi. That resonate energy, that bioelectrical field, that healing energy, is coming in and out and when it comes into this physical level it resonates as that physical expression that we know as our body and mind and spirit. It affects change and it moves out again. So our work with Qi is to be able to draw that in and out, that’s the flow. So our dance of flowing through the jing luo acupuncture meridians is somewhat of a high probability, organized field of movement of Qi thru the body. It’s not necessarily flowing through the channels, but it comes in and out in such a way that it feels like that. So think of that woman who is not feeling so well. Every time we experience some dis-ease it is our inability on some level to allow the Qi to move into this dimension, do its work and then go back. That’s the flow. That’s why the ancients called it the “Qi flow” and they talked about collecting it because it is all around us at all times and it seemed sensible to want to grab as much as you could. So stay with that thought because it has to do something to with your brain to saying “I am not a scarcity-based individual, I am not a lacking individual. I am not in this position where I don’t have something and I have to go get it.” That is the old, disempowering way of perceiving things.

That way of thinking goes with all the government systems, and all the corporate systems and all the religious systems that put you into a scarcity world model, one that forces you to try and collect more and give more. It’s the old way.

Audience member: “That’s a really empowering thought. Because many people who have chronic illness or cancer whatever it is, what they learn from the Chinese model is about blockages or that you have weak Qi and all that. It’s a thought that is disempowering. But what you are saying would allow them to feel more empowered.”

And it’s time. We are entering into a different phase of existence. Whether you want to talk about the changes from the Hindu vision or the Mayan vision or the yi jing vision. It’s all beautiful poetry. We are entering into a new world. We are coming into a new kind of resonant space. And unless we can work with empowering systems we are going to be swept away. It’s not to throw away the baby with the bathwater. Blocked Qi is still an ok way to describe it, as long as you put a layer on it that says “I am blocking my ability to connect with Qi on an infinite level.” I think we can use the old models and just keep adding up this more empowering layer on them so that we can get into a space of strength and change. Because I work with people and I watch them shift out of cancer mentality, I watch people who have eleven tumors in their abdomens and the doctors say their life is over and all of a sudden a shift happens and we take them back in and there’s no more cancer. And it happens in a moment. There’s a momentary shift. It’s not that easy all the time because we have all our stuff, our massive world view barriers. That’s why we are going to do Qigong the rest of the daytoday and I’m not going to talk so much.

Audience member. Would you say that the shift is happening on a quantum level and that is why it happens so fast?

Yes, because of the hologram nature of our dreaming, when a shift happens, it ripples and the body as a whole can change. We’ve seen it. And that’s the work I did with that old teacher of mine back in the 70’s. He said he wasn’t working with Qigong. He didn’t like to do movements. He didn’t call it Qigong or anything particular so I didn’t really get to learn Qigong movement forms during those two years of training. Every time I got into a form he would yell at me. I used to sit crossed legged – I could do a full lotus back then, I was 18 years old. I would sit and I would be very proud of myself. I would sit on a rock in Hawaii watching the waves. I’d hear him coming and I’d be very proud that my master teacher would see me. And he would come up behind me and kick me and knock me off and my legs were all bound up in that form.

He’d say, “If you want to sit that way correctly, stick your heel ALL the way up your ass.”

I’d feel so small! I saw my ego was all around the forms. He wouldn’t let me get into the forms. And then I found after years of studying with him that he knew all about moving form over his 81 years. He was a vegetarian longer than I was on the planet. I was a vegetarian when I met him but he would force me to eat meat. He locked me in a room one time and he had a guard, a big bodyguard, stand at the door and he wouldn’t let me leave. I had to sit there the whole day with a bag of Kentucky Fried Chicken! But I was so stubborn. I was a good student. I tried to explain to him why vegetarianism was so important. I finally ate the meat and I saw what he doing to teach me. I needed to let go of my attachment to form. Now I can do forms because I go in and I honor the essence behind them. That’s what this whole dissertation is about, about honoring the essence and not the form itself.

Audience member: I am interested in these people that you have been hanging out with in Australia. Is this connected to their idea of Dreamtime, is it like another dimension?

For the aboriginal people of Australia, the Dreamtime is what they seem to hold as the imaging of what their ancestors dreamed. There was a reality that was created. And that Dreaming exists now so they do their art to keep the Dreamtime awake, they believe they’re creating this reality and they ARE the earth and the earth is them and the animals are them and they are the animals and they see everything as an integrated resonant dreaming. For them, when they see people who are not in that Dreaming, like the Europeans who came in and took a 40,000 old system that was in perfect harmony with the amount of water and plants and animals and they tilted the whole scale and now some of these communities only have 50 people left in them. The people are dying. They are saying we are releasing the Dreaming. No one is holding the Dreaming anymore so their reality disappears. So they believe that this reality is held by the Dreaming, and their artwork is the last hold on that.

But is that any different than what we do? When you hold your intention you set up the resonance of what this experience will be for you. And that is for everything in your life, whether it’s driving a car, whether it’s your relationship with money or your partner, with school, whatever. Don’t ever underestimate your power to dream awake and create the reality that you experience. That’s the work and that’s what the Qigong work is teaching us and reminding us… with every move that you make, every breath that you take.

Francesco Garri Garripoli is the author of “Qigong – Essence of the Healing Dance” and “Tao of the Ride.”  He teaches worldwide and through a series of Qigong instructional DVDs with Daisy Lee.  The director and producer of the PBS documentary, “Qigong – Ancient Healing for the 21st Century,” Francesco works to support families and youth through his non-profit www.KahunaValley.org His newest venture, www.WujiTech.com offers powerful online software solutions for coaching, mentoring, health tracking, consulting, and personal development.


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