Wuji Qigong Exercise with Francesco & Daisy

Wuji Swimming Dragon Interested in DVDs by Francesco and Daisy?  Click here Would you like to learn more about Wuji Qigong?

Documentary – Qigong: Ancient Chinese Healing For The 21st Century

Narrated by James Shigeta and directed by Francesco Garri Garripoli Qigong (pronounced “chee-gung”) is a 5,000 year old Chinese healthcare modality that has both endured the test of time and is making a tremendous resurgence at the threshold of the 21st Century. Literally millions practice Qigong in China and around the world each day to […]

Instructor Certification Program

Organ Cleansing Qigong Instructor Certification Program – Zhang Fu Gong Daisy Lee and Francesco Garri Garripoli are offering an exclusive, Instructor Certification Program for this effective and healing form of Qigong in select locations around the world.  Besides the immersion workshop over a three day weekend, Certification also requires completion of the follow-through online training […]

Qigong Study Trips – Italy, Thailand, China, and Bhutan

Greetings!   Thank you for your interest in our annual Qigong Healing and Study Trips to Italy, China, Bhutan, Bali, and Thailand. We have been leading these study trips to various power spots in Asia every year now since 1996… and besides contributing funds and medical support to a needy orphanage in an impoverished village to the […]

Who Is Daisy Lee?

Daisy, a respected Qigong instructor and wellness consultant with her Radiant Lotus Qigong, has a long career as a noted filmmaker and television Producer-Director. Her documentary programs have aired on Vision TV, CBC TV, Women’s Television Network, and at film festivals around the world. She focuses on stories that depict the human condition, with a particular […]

What Is Wuji?

One of my favorite words in the Chinese language…it is comprised of two characters, “wu” and “ji.” “Wu” can mean “nothingness” or “non-beingness.” “Ji” can mean “end” or “ultimate.” Wuji is that singularity of the universe, the oneness (and therefore “nothingness”) from which all “things” in creation emerge.  My teacher Master Duan Zhi Liang, the 93-year […]

What Is Wuji Qigong?

Wuji Hundun Qigong, is a 1,200-year-old health maintenance system from China handed down by 95 year-old Master Duan Zhi Liang of Beijing, China. Drawing on Taoism, Buddhism, the Wuji form conforms to the basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which in fact sprung from Qigong concepts that go back 5,000 years. Like all Qigong in this […]

What Is Wuji Productions?

Wuji Productions, Inc. was founded by Francesco Garri Garripoli, Emmy Award winning television graphics designer and program Producer-Director. Francesco has been producing television product for PBS and the major television networks for the past 18 years. His business partner, Daisy Lee, is well know throughout Canada for her independent films and her poignant television work for Vision TV, […]

Qigong For Energy vs Healing DVDs

The two classic Qigong VHS tapes are actually quite different in scope and this helps to answer the question about “What is the difference between them?”  Both are now ONLY available on the two-DVD Set called “Beginning Practice Qigong” The Qigong for Energy tape is a collection of five stand-alone Qigong forms that are considered to be […]

Tao Of The Ride

Motorcycles And The Mechanics Of The Soul By Francesco Garri Garripoli Click here for the book order page. Did you every wonder what would happen if you sent a biker to China to study ancient wisdom from the elder Masters? Well so did writer Francesco Garri Garripoli and it took him on a journey to visit more […]